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Size Guide

The most important thing to do before ordering a new collar is to know the size you need.

If this is your dog's first collar you will need to measure his or her neck in inches with a fabric tape or piece of string - just make sure there is enough room for it to be comfortable and not too tight.

Our collar sizing is always to the first hole (smallest size) and the 3rd hole so there is always room for growth.

Example: size 11"-12" is measured from the leather inside the buckle to the first hole - this would be 11", the 2nd hole would be at 11".5 and the 3rd hole would be the 12" - there is always a spare hole or two after that if your dog grows to be larger than expected!

The only thing to do now is to decide on the width you would like!

A rough guide to the width sizing

1/2" width for puppies and small dogs

3/4" for small to medium 

1" for medium to large dogs

1"1/4 for large and XL

1"1/2 for XL


If we don't stock the size you need let us know and we will get it made to measure for you!
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